Community And Visitors

U.B.C. Child Care Services serves as a model for other programs in the province. Architects, urban planners and licensing officers often view the facilities and make recommendations for similar services in their communities. Staff from other child care programs in the city and throughout the province request visits to our facilities. Early Childhood Education college students are eager to do practicum in our programs. In addition, we receive many visitors from around the world who are researching social programs and Early Childhood in Canada. All visitors must be authorized by the child care office prior to entering the centre to ensure safety and to respect the children’s privacy. Visitors are instructed that any photos taken must be restricted to the setting and equipment.

UBC is a research institute and periodically research projects that involve the children or their parents are conducted in our facilities. Approval must be granted by the Director of Child Care Services and family involvement in approved research is entirely voluntary. No research involving the children will be carried out without the consent of the parents or guardians.