About Us

UBC Child Care Services operates licensed group care for children from infancy through elementary school age on the Point Grey campus in Vancouver. At UBC Child Care Services we aim to provide exemplary child care services to families of the UBC community. Child Care Services is an ancillary operation within the department of Student Housing and Community Services. 

UBC CCS employs skilled, educated and certified Early Childhood Educators.  We exceed provincial licensing regulations regarding staff training requirements and we value and support on-going professional development and education for our staff.  We are a unionized worksite; the early childhood educators are members of the BCGEU.

Most UBC CCS centres, including the out-of-school child care programs, are located near the family housing residences and a small forest that provides us with many opportunities. In addition, two full day centres, and three future programs, including a drop-in program are located in the midst of the campus core.

The first UBC daycare was established in 1969 as a non-profit society. The initiative came from students, staff and faculty who needed a consistent, high quality and developmentally appropriate environment for their children. Through the 1970’s and 80’s¬†more parent cooperatives at UBC succeeded in pioneering daycare in British Columbia. The first infant and toddler centres were opened at UBC and the staff members were the first to become members of the Child Services Employees Union. In 1989, brand new facilities were completed at a cost of $3.19 million. The University community donated land and funds to construct five duplexes to replace the renovated army huts housing the nine original daycares. In 1991 UBC began managing the child care programs and has since expanded the system. By 2003 UBC Child Care Services offered¬†seventeen programs serving over¬†four hundred¬†university-affiliated families per year. In 2009 further expansion took place with the opening of¬†four mixed age group programs and a new infant program with a total of¬†one hundred and eight¬†new spaces. In 2010 services expanded again with two programs located in the campus core area; one on Main Mall and one on West Mall. ¬†¬†More out-of-school care spaces were added in September 2014 when a new elementary school opened on campus. ¬†UBC Child Care Services now operates just under¬†six hundred¬†licensed spaces in twenty-five locations on campus¬†and employs more than¬†a hundred and twenty¬†early childhood educators.