The following frequently asked questions cover some important information about applying to our waiting list.  Waitlist applications are available here.

Can I apply before the baby is born?
Yes, as long as there is a due date. We do not accept applications prior to conception.
Can I apply before I am accepted into UBC or have confirmed employment?
Yes. When you are offered child care services you will be required to verify your UBC affiliation with a student or staff ID number but you can apply in advance as part of your planning process.
Is there an application fee?
There is no application fee for child care services.   The application date is effective the day the application is received at the child care office and a confirmation of receipt will be sent by email shortly after. 
My child is getting too old for the age group that I applied for. What happens to his/her application?
Children are placed¬†on the appropriate list based¬†on the child’s current age and type of care the parents requested, in order of their original application date, regardless of the child’s age at the time of application.
While I wait I may have to commit to other child care arrangements. If I decline an offer can I stay on the list for a later offer?
Yes, however offers are made dependent on the availability of spaces. There is a risk that there will not be spaces available when you do want care. If you choose to delay, we will keep your original application date.
What happens if I accept a space then change my mind?
If you cancel after accepting an offer for care, your application will be terminated and all deposits are non-refundable. You may reapply to the waiting list and will be given a new application date.
We are planning to adopt but do not know when we will have a child. Can we still apply?
Yes, indicate the age you anticipate the child to be at the time of adoption, when the adoption is fulfilled contact the office to confirm the child’s age. To ensure there is no advantage or disadvantage to families, the application date will be adjusted to 9 months prior to the birth¬†date or to the application date, whichever is later.