Current Waitlist Times

The information on this page is meant to help parents waiting for child care understand when they might receive offers of care. Please note this is general information only and should not be considered a precise indication as to when you may receive offers of care. UBC Child Care Services has multiple priority groups within the UBC community. All vacancies are filled in accordance with licensing regulations and considering UBC CCS admission policies and commitments to the various priority groups. Many variables influence the waiting times, including the time of year, availability of positions and the situation within the various priority groups we serve.

To apply this information to your child’s position you will need the following information:

  1. Your child’s month and year of birth.
  2. The date of your application.
  3. Your current status with the UBC.
  4. The date you requested care to begin.

As of January 2021:

Infant Care: (under 12 months of age)
The majority of infant spaces are filled by siblings of children currently enrolled whose families continue to have student, staff or faculty status at UBC. Some spaces are filled off the student, staff and faculty waiting list and the children at the top of the infant list have application dates from the first few weeks of conception.
Toddler Care: (under 30 months of age)
Current wait times for children 12 months to 3 years old are 16 months to 2+ years long for student, staff and faculty of UBC. The shorter wait times generally occur between July to September.
3-5 full and half day Care: (minimum age 30 months where regulations allow)
Waiting lists range between 6 months to 2.5 years for this age group with the shorter wait list times between July to September. 
Out of School Care
There are limited spaces available in our out of school care programs and most spaces will be filled in September with children from our 3-5 programs who are enrolling at Norma Rose Point or U-Hill Elementary schools.

Note: Be sure we have your current contact information, if we cannot reach you we will remove your application from our lists.