Enrollment Policies

Priority Groups

Policy intent is to maximize access to child care for those families associated with the University of British Columbia. UBC Child Care Services has multiple priority groups within the UBC community. All vacancies are filled considering UBC policies and commitments to those priority groups and in compliance with licensing regulations. In addition consideration is given to the child’s age at the time of offer and in some cases the birth year. All programs are filled to capacity and families currently enrolled are required to provide one calendar months notice of withdrawal, effective the first day of the month. Priority groups are as follows:

      1. Internal transfers – children already enrolled and graduating to the next age group.
      2. Sibling Priority- The intent of the sibling policy is to help families keep children together and to minimize drop off and pick up challenges. A sibling is given priority when they have been on the list for a minimum of twelve months and only as long as the first child continues to be enrolled in an on-going position. Sibling priority is assigned to full time student staff and faculty families only.
      3. At times UBC CCS and the University may identify a limited number of positions for other identified priority user groups.
      4. Children of full-time UBC Students. First access will be allocated to self-identified Aboriginal students.
      5. Children of full-time UBC employees (staff and faculty with UBC ID numbers employed directly by UBC).
      6. Community- While our facilities are open to the general public, the demands of our priority groups rarely leaves spaces available to accomodate this group.
    If you are unclear of your eligibility, please contact the main child care office to discuss

  1. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that UBC CCS has current contact information for the family. If¬†a¬†family cannot be reached, the child’s waiting list file will be closed.

    Pre-Acceptance Visits

    Due to the large number of families on our waiting lists and the number of programs we have, visits by families waiting for care cannot be accommodated. At the time of offer parents will have approximately one day to make a decision during which an observation at the daycare where the space is available can be arranged. More time will be given if possible, however the nature of the process does not always allow for that. Once the family has accepted a position, an orientation meeting will be arranged between one of the daycare staff and the parents.

    Withdrawal And Re-Admission

    Occasionally families who are currently enrolled request the option to leave the child care centre and return at a later date. When parents withdraw from a centre they can reapply to the waiting list and will be given a new application date. Given the length of the waiting lists it is unlikely that parents leaving the system for short periods of time will be able to return to care upon their return. To help accommodate families who are planning for longer leaves such as sabbaticals and parental leaves, parents of currently enrolled children can reapply to the waiting list in advance of their planned leave date. A Request for Leave application must be completed and returned to the office. A Request for Leave Application does not ensure care will be available at the end of the leave, it only allows parents the opportunity to plan in advance. Parents considering a leave are encouraged to contact the Assistant Director at Child Care Services for further information.

    Transfer To Next Age Group

    UBC CCS offers a continuum of care from infant to out of school age. Providing on-going care to families affiliated with the university is of primary importance. As licensed group care we must also follow provincial regulations regarding maximum group size, capacity and the ages of children enrolled. Children who are currently enrolled with us and whose families continue to be affiliated with the university will have first priority to any spaces available in the next age group however there may be times when there are insufficient spaces to meet the needs of all internal children. We will do what we can to ensure on-going care and will inform parents in advance of any uncertainty of availability for the next age group.

    Changing My Care Schedule

    It is common that a family’s care needs change overtime. For example, a child may start in a full time position, and the family request a change to part-time while on maternity leave with a second child. Changes in employment can also impact the need for adjustments in child care arrangements. Since not all full-time programs have part-time options, and changes will only be accommodated in the program to which the child is currently enrolled, any families that feel a change may be necessary in the future should discuss this option at the time of offer. A Request for Change form should be completed as soon as the family anticipates the need for a change in care and returned to the child care office. When the desired position comes available the parent will be contacted and can either accept or decline the change at that time. As with all child care offers, a offer to change attendance can only be made when the desired position comes available. A family may wait several weeks or months to change their enrollment. Any families contemplating a change should speak with the Child Care Office to discuss the possibilities and timelines for their particular situation. Changes in enrollment can also be made when children move from one program to another due to age; for example a child enrolled part-time in toddler care can request full time when moving to 3-5 year old care.

    Orientation And Gradual Entry


    After an offer of care has been accepted the daycare staff will contact the family to arrange an orientation meeting and discuss gradual entry. The orientation meeting will last approximately one hour and will provide the parents time to ask all their questions, see the program and meet the staff at the daycare. The orientation meeting is required and will only be waived if the family has previously been enrolled in the same program. Families who are not in Vancouver at the time care is accepted will have their orientation meeting when they arrive. During the orientation the staff will review with the families what to bring on the first day. Generally speaking families should expect to provide:

        • a packed lunch for each day
        • a blanket and or cuddly toy for children napping age
        • a complete set of extra clothing and more for those still in toilet learning stages
        • a complete set of rain gear and warm clothing for outdoor play.

    Gradual Entry

    Starting child care can be a big adjustment for a child and the whole family. Even children who have been in care before need time to get to know new people before they can become comfortable in a new space. To support children and families through the process of adjustment and acquaintance a gradual entry is required. The gradual entry schedule lasts approximately one week and begins with short visits building up to a full day of care. This week is meant to help children,  parents and the early childhood educators get to know one another. It is preferred that a parent be the adult dropping off and picking up the child during the gradual entry week to allow opportunties for daily discussion with the staff. However, understanding that this is not always possible, another close relative can be involved in the gradual entry process.