Family newsletter resources

For Child Care educators

Download resources you can use to start creating email newsletters for your families, including:

Marcom presentation

Download a copy of the slide deck from the presentations SHCS Marketing and Communications gave to Senior Educators in June 2023.

Newsletter guide

Your complete guide to creating quick, easy and effective newsletters for families at your child care setting.

Newsletter toolkit files

Header and footer graphics

Download your newsletter header and footer images from the SHCS Marketing and Communications Flickr image library.

Email templates/examples

Email templates/examples formatted and ready to go—or just for reference.

How to open the ZIP file

  • iPad: open a ZIP file on an iPad.
  • PC computer: 1) download the file; 2) “right click” the ZIP file on your computer and click “Extract all”.

ZIP file contents

  • Microsoft Outlook Template File (.emltpl): Save the template file to your computer or iPad and open in Outlook to edit.
  • Email file (.eml): a reference file, which can also be used as a template in either Outlook or Apple Mail (the default email app on an iPad).
How to open and edit the email (.eml) file
  • Open the ZIP file (see above for direction)
  • Open CCS Family Newsletter_Email Example_V1.eml in either Outlook or Apple Mail
  • Click the forward button or icon
  • Select all
  • Tap the screen (iPad) or right-click (computer)
  • Select Quote level
  • Decrease quote level
  • Edit the email and subject line (i.e., remove “FWD:” in the subject line)

Storytelling/presentation templates

Presentation files (PowerPoint and Keynote) that you can use to create a longer-form storytelling document, with text and photos, and attach to your newsletters. These could also be used for pedagogical narrations or presentations.

There are two versions:

  • Standard template: the primary template you’ll want to use.
  • Long template: a longer-form template with extra slides, such as charts and timelines.



The ZIP file contains two Keynote files.

How to open a ZIP file on an iPad.