Funding and support: you apply

Eligible families can apply for funding to help cover child care costs through BC’s Affordable Child Care Benefit and UBC’s scholarship and bursary programs.

For children with extra support needs, families can also apply to a Supported Child Development program or Aboriginal Supported Child Development program in the community.

Funding opportunities

Affordable Child Care Benefit

The Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) is a provincial program that helps eligible families with the cost of child care. Factors such as income, family size and type of care determine how much support families can receive. Families need to renew their application every year.

Learn more about the Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Please note that families receiving the ACCB are responsible for all UBC Child Care fees, even if their ACCB claim expires, they no longer meet eligibility requirements or their claim is denied.

Families receiving the ACCB should pay particular attention to the attendance requirements outlined in the benefit’s regulations.

UBC scholarships and bursaries

UBC students may be eligible for scholarships and/or bursaries related to child care costs. While some awards entail automatic consideration, others—such as the UBC Bursary program—require you to apply.

Learn more about UBC’s scholarships and bursaries.

Supported Child Development programs

Supported Child Development programs and Aboriginal Supported Child Development programs are community-based programs that offer a range of consulting and support services to children, families and child care centres—so that children with extra support needs can participate in fully-inclusive child care settings.

Aboriginal Supported Child Development programs provide these supports in a culturally relevant and meaningful way.

Programs near us

To find additional programs, you can inquire with a public health nurse, community health nurse or a physician.