General Waiting List Information

UBC CCS prioritizes students, staff and faculty of UBC, however applications are accepted from anyone. 

How long is the waiting list?
The length of the waiting time is different for each age group and type of care. Due to the high demand and shortage of services the under 3 year old full day programs have the longest waiting times ranging between 12 months to 2.5 years. Full day spaces for 3-5 year olds often have shorter waiting lists and by September of each year are frequently less than 6 months. Our out of school programs have the greatest demand for children in kindergarten to Grade 2.

What impacts my position on the waiting list?
The child’s age, date of application and parent’s association with UBC impact a child’s position on the waiting list. When a position comes available it is filled considering UBC CCS policies.
When am I most likely to get care?
Many variables affect the waiting list. Typically the majority of spaces come available between May to September each year. Waiting times are at their longest just before May and at their shortest by September each year. Families who are high on the list in September but do not receive an offer before all positions are filled may wait several more months before receiving an offer for care.
How can I find out when I might get an offer for care?
Refer to our Current Waiting Time to find out more about each age group’s waiting times. You can also contact our main office to ask specific questions about your child’s position on the waiting list.