We offer under-age three, or infant/toddler, programs in three age group combinations:

  • infancy through eighteen months,
  • ages one to three years and,
  • ages eighteen months to three years.

The programs focus on providing warm, responsive child care. The infant (children under age eighteen months) programs have a group size of ten children and an educator-child/adult ratio of  three to one. The toddler programs (either children one to three years or children eighteen months to three years) have an educator-toddler ratio of four-to-one and a group size of twelve children. The early childhood educators in these programs either hold infant/toddler post-basic certificates or are required to obtain that certification in a specified length of time. The programs offer very flexible daily schedules, experiences, and materials to support the rapid and extensive developmental changes usually experienced by children in their first three years. We accommodate children’s fluctuating sleep and food needs as required and we provide environments that support optimal language, cognitive, motor and especially social skill development. Each day includes choice-filled  play times and small group experiences punctuated by routines such as snack time, nap time and diaper time, play time indoors and out and opportunities for language and music activities. Main meals are provided by the parents.