We offer two mixed-age child care centre types:

  • centres that contain two separate licensed child care¬†programs (a toddler program and a program for children ages three-five years);¬†and
  • centres¬†that provide child care for children from age¬†sixteen¬†months to kindergarten age in one licensed program.

These mixed-age centres can provide child care stability for families with more than one child and for families who expect to remain with UBC CCS for several years. The centres facilitate long-term relationships between children, between children and the early childhood educators and between the early childhood educators and families.

Two license centres

The programs in these¬†centres mirror our other toddler and 3-5 programs. The toddler¬†programs have no more than twelve children per day, an infant/toddler¬†educator-child ratio of four-to-one and provide care for children between the ages of one and three years. The hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The 3-5¬†programs have¬†no more than twenty-four children, an early childhood educator-child ratio of eight-one and provide care for children from ages three to kindergarten age.¬†The programs open at 8:00 AM and close at 5:30 PM. The centres’ educators work in both programs and are required to hold or obtain post-basic infant-toddler certification as well as basic early childhood educator certification.¬†We refer to both¬†programs in the two-license¬†centres by the same name, for example, one¬†centre holds the Pioggia three-to-five¬†program and the Pioggia toddler program. We have three two-license programs, two of them located in the campus core.

One license centres

We have four group care centres that include a broad child age range. These innovative centres represent a new approach to providing child care in British Columbia through extending a multiage family daycare model to group care. The centres are licensed as 3-5 group care centres and receive permission from the licensing body to include younger children. As a practice, the centres blend the license requirements of toddler and 3-5 programs. This results in group sizes of twenty-four children, eight of whom may be under age three, and educator-child ratios of six-to-one. Additionally, the early childhood educators are required to have post-basic infant-toddler certification. These centres use a primary caregiving model combined with a responsive curriculum model to accommodate a wide range of capabilities, interests and skills. The centres are housed in larger than our typical (large) spaces to accommodate small groupings of children. The hours for children under age three are 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. For the children over age three the hours are 8:00 AM  to 5:30 PM.