Orientation And Gradual Entry


After an offer of care has been accepted the daycare staff will contact the family to arrange an orientation meeting and to discuss gradual entry. The orientation meeting will last approximately one hour and will provide the parents with time to ask questions, to see the program and to meet the early childhood educators. The orientation meeting is required and will only be waived if the family has previously been enrolled in the same program. Families who are out of country at the time care is accepted will have their orientation meeting when they arrive in Vancouver. During the orientation the staff will review with families what to bring on the first day. Generally speaking families should expect to provide:

  • a packed lunch for each day
  • a blanket and or cuddly toy for children of napping age
  • a complete set of extra clothing and more for those still in toilet learning stages
  • a complete set of rain gear and warm clothing for outdoor play.

Gradual Entry

Starting child care can be a big adjustment for the child and the whole family. Even children who have been in child care before need time to get to know new people before they become comfortable in a new space. To support children and families through the process of adjustment and acquaintence a gradual entry is required. The gradual entry schedule lasts approximately one week and begins with short visits building up to a full day of care. This week is meant to help children, parents and the program’s early childhood educators get to know one another. It is preferred that a parent be the adult dropping off and picking up the child during the gradual entry week to allow opportunties for daily discussion with the staff. However, understanding that this is not always possible, another close relative can be involved in the gradual entry process. The gradual entry process cannot begin until all required paperwork for registration in the child care program has been completed.