It’s an exciting day when a space opens up for your child. However, we also recognize that this moment can feel stressful and overwhelming, with a flurry of activity and pressure to meet the deadline.

We hope the process overview below offers some clarity about what happens and what action you need to take once you receive an offer.

Once again, please ensure that we have your correct and current contact information on file so that we can reach you when a space becomes available.

Offer process

  1. Offer: Once a space becomes available, one of our administration staff will email the parent/guardian listed on the application to make an offer of enrolment. The offer will include the location where your child will be placed and the date your child is eligible to start. You will have 24 hours to accept or decline the offer of enrolment.
  2. Pre-acceptance visit: If you would like to visit the setting where your child is offered care, please request a visit when you receive an offer. We may be able to accommodate a visit prior to your offer acceptance deadline.
  3. Accept the offer: To officially accept the offer, you will be required to pay a $200 deposit within 24–48 hours. Information about how to pay your deposit will be provided at the time of offer.
  4. Your contract: Pick up your child care contract package at the Child Care Administration Hub promptly after accepting your offer. You must sign and return your contract, along with all required registration and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) forms, before your child’s first day.
  5. Your orientation: Once you have accepted your offer, an Early Childhood Educator from your child’s new setting will contact you to arrange an orientation meeting, which will take place prior to your child’s first day.


What if I miss my offer email? 

Please contact the Child Care Administration Hub immediately if you missed your offer email—and your deadline to accept the offer has passed—so we can discuss your options.

If I decline the offer, do I retain my spot at the top of the waitlist?

Yes, you will retain your space at the top of the waitlist for your priority grouping based on your original application date. However, offers are made depending on the availability of spaces and according to our priority admission order. If you decline, there is a risk that a space will not be available when you do want care.

What if I need to decline after accepting my offer?

Declining before your child’s first day

If you have accepted your offer, but you need to decline it before your child’s first day:

  • Your waitlist application will be cancelled (i.e., your placement on the waiting list will not be retained for a different setting).
  • Your deposit will not be refunded.
  • If you provide less than one month’s notice, you will be charged for the first month’s child care fee.

Please note that failure to pay any outstanding fees charged to you will result in your UBC account being placed on financial hold (students) or being sent to a collections agency (staff, faculty, graduated students and external families).

Declining after your child’s first day

If you need to decline after your child’s scheduled first day with us, the standard withdrawal process applies.

Later, if you want to re-apply, you are welcome to submit a new waitlist application. Note that you will receive a new application date, and before your new application is processed, you will be required to pay any outstanding balance on your account.