While you’re on the waitlist

We recognize that waiting for a child care space to become available can be a challenging time for families. While we can’t offer a precise waitlist number or timeline, we are able to provide the information below, which we hope will be helpful.

Please note this resource is intended to help you estimate when you might receive an offer of enrolment for your child. It does not constitute an exact timeline.

Many variables influence your specific waitlist timeline, including when you applied, the number of applications for your child’s age group, the number of available spots, and the time of year—plus factors related to our priority admission order.

Notify us of any changes to your application or contact information

While you are on the waitlist, to make any changes to the application information you submitted, such as the requested entry date or your affiliation with UBC—or to update your contact information—please contact the Child Care Administration Hub.

It is critical you notify us of any changes to your contact information while you are on the waitlist. Once a space opens up for your child, if there are delays in reaching you or we cannot reach you, you risk losing the space and having your waitlist application cancelled.

Waitlist timelines

Please consider the following information when reviewing the general timelines (per age group and care type) below—to help you better understand how long it might take for you to receive an offer of enrolment:

  • Your affiliation with the UBC and priority admission group
  • Your child’s month and year of birth
  • The date you applied
  • Your requested entry start date

In general, families who requested to enter care between July and September may experience the shortest wait times. Waitlist timelines are typically the longest in late-April and the shortest by September, when we experience the highest turnover rates.

Note that families who do not receive an offer of enrolment by September, but are quite high on the list, may wait several more months before receiving an offer.

Under 3 years old

Including mixed-age—from birth to school age (Kindergarten)

Typical waitlist timelines

  • For children birth to 12 months old: the waitlist timeline is typically nine months to 15+ months long. However, the majority of these spaces are filled by children with sibling priority status, with only a few spaces ever offered to those without sibling priority. Families who receive an offer of enrolment typically apply very promptly after receiving the due date for their child.
  • For children 12 months to 36 months old: the waitlist timeline is typically two to two and a half years long for UBC students, faculty and staff.

2.5 years old to school age

Including mixed-age—from 18 months to school age (Kindergarten)

Typical waitlist timelines

  • Waitlist timelines range from 1 year to 2.5+ years for this age group. 

School age

Before-and-after school care (Kindergarten and up)

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a typical waitlist timeline for this age group. Limited spaces are available in before-and-after-school care, and each September any available spaces are typically filled with children transferring internally from group child care who will be attending either Norma Rose Point or U-Hill Elementary schools. 

Withdrawing your application

If you decide to withdraw your application while you are on the waitlist, please email your request to the Child Care Administration Hub. There is no cancellation fee.


My child is now eligible for an older age group than when I first applied. Do I need to submit a new application?

No, your original application is sufficient. Your child will be placed on the waitlist for the appropriate setting and age range, based on their current age, rather than their age at the time of application.

I am approaching the date I need care for my child, but I haven’t heard from you? What should I do?

If you have not communicated with us recently and you are approaching two months prior to needing care, we encourage you to contact us to discuss.

Additional questions?

If you have any questions while you are on the waitlist, you are welcome to contact the Child Care Administration Hub to discuss your child’s specific position on the waitlist.