We offer several group child care settings that are mixed-age, for children 12 months to school age, with the majority located in the Acadia neighbourhood.

We offer two options for mixed-age child care:

  • Two-license settings
  • One-license settings

We are pleased to offer mixed-age care, which is ideal for families with multiple children and/or who expect to remain with UBC Child Care for several years. It offers an opportunity to build longer-term relationships between children, families and educators.

Two-license settings

Our two-license settings contain two separate licensed age groups—one for children 12 to 30 months and one for children 30 months to school age. Each mirrors what is offered at our standard settings for the same age group.

Visit the under 3 years old age group and 2.5 years to school age age group to learn more.

One-license settings

These innovative settings, which provide child care for children from 12 months to school age in one licensed space, represent a newer approach to providing child care in British Columbia.

Quick facts

  • Age group: 12 months to school age (Kindergarten)
  • Maximum group size: 24 children
  • Child-to-staff ratio: 6 children to 1 educator
  • Food: All meals and snacks provided by families
  • Hours: Under 30 months 8 am-5 pm
  • Hours: 30 months to school age 8 am-5:30 pm

Housed in larger spaces to allow for a higher number of small groups, these settings apply a mixed-age family child care model to group child care. They blend a primary caregiving model with a responsive curriculum model to accommodate a wider range of capabilities, interests and skills.